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2019-11-20_Walk-In Closet_White (1)
2 Image
2019-11-20_Walk-In Closet_Belgian Chocolate 3(2)
3 Images
2019-11-20_Reach-In Closet_Glossy White (3)
2 Image
2019-11-20_Media Center_White (5)
4 Images
2019-11-20_Home Office_ Summertime Blues 2(3)
2019-07-19_Walk-In Closet_Apres Ski 2(1)
2019-06-06_Wall Cabinets_Custom Stained Walnut
2019-06-06_Home Office_Shinnoki Mineral Triba
2019-06-04_Wall Bed_Sienna with Ruby Red Acrylic2
3 Images
2019-06-04_Walk-In Closet_Bianco 5(5)
4 Images
2019-06-04_Sliding Doors_Dark Brown (4)
2019-06-04_Reach-In Closet_Winter Fun with Dark Brown Sliding Doors (3)
2 Image
2019-06-04_Pantry_Ultra Matte(2)
2 Image
2019-06-04_Laundry_Ash Tabac (1)
2 Image
2019-06-04_Garage_White Velvet with Ash Acrylic (6)
3 Images
2019-06-04_External Wardrobe_Custom Stained Walnut (7)
2 Image
2019-06-04_Entry Wardrobe_Paint Grade (2)
2 Image
2019-06-04_Buffet_Shinnoki Stardust Walnut (3a)
2 Image
2019-06-04_Bench_Toscana (2)
2019-06-04_Bar_Tabu Veneer (2)
3 Images
2019-01-18_Wall Bed_Clear Coat Alder_2
2 Image
2019-01-10_Media Center_Sienna with Apres Ski  (1)
2019-01-10_Garage_Silver Frost with Blue Acrylic 3(8)
3 Images
2019-01-10_Deluxe Walk-In_Belgian Chocolate (2)
2018-09-18_Media Center_Toscana
2018-09-14_External Wardrobe_Bianco-3
4 Images
2018-06-21_Walk-In Closet_Umbra (2)
2018-06-21_Walk-In Closet_Terra (2)
2018-06-21_Walk-In Closet_Oak Wild (7)
2 Image
2018-06-21_Media Center_Toscana with White Gloss Acrylic
2018-06-21_Home Office_Elm Onyx
2018-06-21_Home Office with Wall Bed_Bianco-1
2 Image
2018-06-21_External Wardrobe_Bianco (3)
2 Image
2018-06-20_Media Center_Ash Tabac
2018-06-07_Reach-In Closet_Antique White (1)
2018-06-07_Home Office with Wall Bed_Oak Wild-03
3 Images
2018-05-08_Walk-In Closet_White
2018-05-08_Walk-In Closet_White (1)
2018-05-08_Walk-In Closet_Bianco (1)
2 Image
2018-05-08_Walk-In Closet_Belgian Chocolate (1)
2018-03-09_Media Center_White
2018-02-15_Wall Bed_Umbra with Cafe Latte-2
3 Images
2018-02-15_Garage_Sienna with Hickory Oregon 3(2)
3 Images
2018-02-15_Deluxe Walk-In Closet_Mt. Hood Maple with Delaware (5)
2018-01-31_Wall Cabinets_Umbra
2018-01-31_Media Center_Mt. Hood Maple
2018-01-30_Home Office_Italian Walnut
2018-01-29_Deluxe Walk-In_White
2018-01-24_Home Office_Bianco
2018-01-18_Media Center_Toscana with Terzetto (4)
2018-01-18_Media Center_Ashen with Oak Wild (4)
2018-01-18_Home Office_Clear Coat Walnut (2)
2018-01-18_Garage_Silver Frost (6)
2 Image
2018-01-18_Garage_Black with Ruby Red Acrylic 2(3)
2 Image
2018-01-18_Deluxe Walk-In_Bianco
2017-02-07_Walk-In Closet_Rainier (2)
2017-02-07_Sliding Doors-Toscana with Bianco
2017-02-07_Reach-In Closet_Italian Walnut (8)
2017-02-07_Media Center_Ash Tabac with White Acrylic (2)
2017-02-07_Home Office with Wall Bed_Hudson-1
3 Images
2017-02-07_Home Office with Wall Bed_Belgian Chocolate-1
3 Images
2017-02-07_Garage Work Bench_Terra
2017-02-07_External Wardrobe_Clear Coat Rift Sawn White Oak-2 (2)
2 Image
2017-01-06_Wall Bed_Fossil with Ash Tabac-1
2 Image
2017-01-06_Walk-In Closet_Bianco (2)
2017-01-06_Sliding Doors_Ash Tabac
2017-01-06_Reach-In Closet_White (3)
2017-01-06_Reach-In Closet_Tenino Walnut (3)
2017-01-06_Reach-In Closet_Antique White (1)
2017-01-06_Mud Room_Umbra
2017-01-06_Home Office with Wallbed_Belgian Chocolate-1
2 Image
2017-01-06_Home Office with Wall Bed_White-3
3 Images
2017-01-06_Home Office Media Center_Elm Onyx with Oak Wild and Silver Frost 2(3)
3 Images
2017-01-06_Garage_Vermont Maple
2017-01-06_Garage_Silver Frost
2017-01-06_Garage_Sienna (2)
2017-01-06_Bar_Hickory Oregon
2016-12-22_Home Office_Hudson (3)
2016-12-22_Bedroom_Silver Acrylic Gloss (12)
2 Image
2016-12-22_Bedroom_Silver Acrylic Gloss (6)
2016-12-22_Bedroom_Ashen (2)
2 Image
2016-12-22_Bedroom Cabinets_Hart Mountain Cherry (3)
2016-12-22_Bedroom Cabinets_Hart Mountain Cherry (1)
2 Image
2016-04-23_Deluxe Walk-In_Clear Coat Walnut_2
2015-07-14_Wall Bed_Tumalo Mountain Cherry_1
2 Image
2015-07-01_Home Office_White
2015-06-26_Wall Cabinets_White
2015-06-26_Media Center_Shinnoki Dusk Frake with Ruby Red Acrylic
2015-05-19_Media Center_Victorian White
2015-04-23_Home Office with Wall Bed_Summer Flame_2
3 Images
2015-01-27_Wall Unit_Foyer_Shadow Oak
2015-01-27_Walk-In Closet_Hart Mountain Cherry (2)
2 Image
2015-01-27_Media Center_Mt. Hood Maple (2)
2015-01-27_Laundry Room_Vermont Maple
2015-01-27_Deluxe Walk-In Closet_Hudson (3)
2 Image
2014-12-18_Wall Bed_Custom Paint
2014-12-04_Wall Bed_White Sculpted with Black and stop red HPL (8)
2 Image
2014-12-04_Laundry Room_White (2)
4 Images
2014-12-04_External Wardrobe_White Sculpted with Black and Red HPL3 (2)
3 Images
2014-12-04_External Wardrobe_Bianco (2)
2014-12-04_Crafts-Sewing Cart_White Sculpted with Black and stop red HPL (2)
2 Image
2014-11-26_Home Office_Rift Sawn White Oak (1)
2 Image
2014-08-25_External Wardrobe_Tenino Walnut
2014-08-13_Home Office_Shadow Oak (1)
2014-08-13_Home Office with Wall Bed_White-3
3 Images
2014-08-06_Reach In Closet_Antique White
2014-07-30_Walk-In Closet_Belgian Chocolate (2)
2 Image
2014-07-30_Sliding Doors_Sculpted White (3)
2014-07-30_Garage_Beige HPL (3)
2 Image
2014-06-27_Sliding Doors_HPL with Lumicor
2014-04-02_Sliding Doors_Shadow Oak
2014-04-02_Sliding Doors_Mt Hood Maple with Hard Rock
2014-04-02_Sliding Doors_Bianco and White Gloss
2014-02-21_Home Office_Mt. Hood Maple
2014-02-21_Home Office_Bianco
2014-01-28_Wall Cabinets_Custom Paint (2)
3 Images
2014-01-27_Media Center_White
2014-01-23_Media Center_White-Custom Paint (2)
2014-01-23_Home Office_White (4)
2 Image
2014-01-16_Home Office with Wall Bed_Antique White Glossy HPL 3
3 Images
2014-01-16_Buffet_Glossy HPL
2013-12-16_Reach-In Closet_White
2013-11-26_Wall Bed_White1
2 Image
2013-11-26_Home Office with Wall Bed_Mt. Hood Maple (5)
3 Images
2013-11-08_Walk-In Closet_Bianco (5)
2013-11-08_Home Office_Shinnoki Milk Oak (2)
2013-11-08_Home Office_Hudson 2(3)
2 Image
2013-11-08_Garage_Vermont Maple (2)
2013-11-08_Crafts_White (3)
2013-10-28_Garage_Silver Frost
2013-04-20_Wall Bed_Tenino Walnut_2
2 Image
2013-04-10_Home Office_White (13)
2013-03-13_Wall Bed_Honey Apple-1
2 Image
2013-03-13_Media Center_Shinnoki Midnight Ash (1)
2 Image
2013-02-24_Reach-In Closet_Italian Walnut
2013-02-24_Home Office_Shinnoki Milk Oak
2 Image
2013-02-14_Bar_Clear Coat Maple
2013-02-04_Reach-In Closet_White
2013-01-23_Walk-In Closet_Italian Walnut_2
2 Image
2013-01-22_Deluxe Walk-In_White
2013-01-19_Home Office_Hart Mountain Cherry (1)
2013-01-19_Garage_White (3)
3 Images
2013-01-19_Deluxe Walk-In Closet_Tenino Walnut (1)
2013-01-03_External Wardrobe_Antique White
2012-12-12_Deluxe Walk-In Closet_Mt. Hood Maple (3)
2012-12-08_Wall Bed_Antique White-1
2 Image
2012-12-08_Walk-In Closet_Belgian Chocolate (4)
2012-12-08_Reach-In Closet_White
2012-08-01_Walk-In Closet_White (5)
2012-08-01_Media Center_ Chocolate Oak Shinnoki with Ruby Red Acrylic (3)
2012-06-27_Home Office with Wall Bed_Magellan-2
2 Image
2012-05-16_Bar_Belgian Chocolate (2)
2012-05-11_Media Center_Clear Coat Steamed Beech (3)
2012-02-07_Media Center_Custom Wood Stain (3)
2011-02-02_Media Center_Honey Apple
2010-12-10_Wall Bed_Shinnoli Milk Oak (2)
2 Image
2010-12-10_Media Center_Shinnoki Nero Lati (10)
2010-12-10_Media Center_Custom Stain (3)
2010-12-10_Home Office with Wall Bed_White 2(1)
3 Images
2010-12-10_Home Office with Wall Bed_Honey Apple (6)
3 Images
2010-07-07_Garage_Black with Red 2(5)
2 Image
2010-05-14_Home Office with Wall Bed_Honey Apple-2
2 Image
2009-01-28_Wall Bed_Two Tone (1)
2 Image
2009-01-23_Home Office_Summer Flame (3)
2009-01-23_Garage_Maple (6)
2009-01-23_Garage_Maple (5)
2008-10-30_Walk-In Closet_Antique White  (2)
2008-10-30_Home Office_White (3)
2008-10-30_Home Office with Wall Bed_Belgian Chocolate-1
2 Image
2008-10-02_Wall Unit_Summer Flame (2)
2008-10-02_Home Office_Summer Flame (8)
2008-08-20_Home Office with Wall Bed_Belgian Chocolate (0)
3 Images
2008-08-20_Garage_Silver Frost (11)
3 Images
2008-08-20_Garage_Maple_ (5)
2 Image
2008-06-27_Media Center_Custom Paint (1)
2008-03-18_Wall Bed_Rustic Cherry_2
2 Image
2008-01-01_Deluxe Walk-In_Mahogany
2007-04-19_Wall Bed_White Custom Paint
2 Image
2007-04-19_Home Office_Summer Flame (4)
2006-08-26_Wall Bed_Belgian Chocolate_2
3 Images
2006-01-01_Home Office_Port Cherry
2006-01-01_Crafts-Mud Room_White
2005-08-31_Wall Bed_Honey Apple-1
2 Image
2005-07-13_Garage_Silver Frost
2005-03-07_Wall Bed_Cherry Custom Stain
2003-05-13_External Wardrobe_Custom Stain Cherry (1)
2 Image







2017-01-06_Home Office Media Center_Elm Onyx with Oak Wild and Silver Frost (3)-PX
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