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Maximize your storage and show off your collectibles with wall-to-wall custom cabinetry or fill in that empty alcove with a built-in entertainment center. Valet can design a solution for you.

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Media Center

Your family room can be the gathering space for the ultimate movie night or game day, while still being a showcase for your cherished collectibles and family photos. Our talented designers will create a stunning solution to match your style.

Functional Solutions

Valet media centers are designed to your functional needs and custom-fit to your specific space.  All electronic components are accounted for.  Wire management is concealed, and ventilation incorporated.

Common features include mounting boxes that allow the TV to be supported away from the wall and flush with the front of your cabinetry, doors with mesh fronts for speakers, roll-out shelves to easily access components, and even incorporated plug strips that eliminate running cables throughout your cabinetry.

2015-06-26_Media Center_Dusk Frake Shinnoki-PX
Shinnoki Wood Veneer - Ruby Red Acrylic and Aluminum Framed Doors
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2017-02-07_Media Center_Ash Tabac with White Acrylic (2)-PX
Ash Tabac Thermal Fused Laminate - Alabaster White Gloss Acrylic Fronts
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2016-12-22_Bedroom_Silver Acrylic Gloss (6)-PX
Ash Gray Gloss Acrylic
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Aesthetics and Style

Your media center is most often a focal point in your home and it should blend in perfectly with your furniture and decor.

In addition to selecting from more than 40 standard materials and finishes including custom paint and stain, you can further personalize your media center with features such as glass doors, lighting, floating shelves, and decorative fronts and moldings.

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2015-01-27_Media Center_Mt. Hood Maple (2)-PX
Mt. Hood Maple Wood Veneer - Alabaster White Gloss Acrylic Fronts
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2018-06-20_Media Center_Ash Tabac-PX
Ash Tabac Thermal Fused Laminate - Gloss White Floating Shelves
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2012-05-11_Media Center_Clear Coat Steamed Beech (2)-PX
Clear Coat Steamed Beech Wood - Raised Panel Fronts
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Media Center Portfolio

What do you have in mind?  Browse our media center portfolio to gather ideas for your home.

2019-11-12_Media Center_Antique White-PX


Valet designs and builds to your specific space and needs, filling every last inch for a truly custom solution.  No unsightly gaps or under-utilized space that are common limitations of modular cabinets.

Functional Solutions

Instead of forcing your lifestyle to fit existing odds-and-ends furniture, create a wall-to-wall solution for your lifestyle. Custom-designed cabinets can fit neatly around the elements of your room, including HVAC registers, outlets, fireplaces, and windows—not an afterthought, but naturally designed for your space.

No matter how you plan to utilize your space, we’ll ensure our design meets your needs.

2014-01-16_Home Office_Glossy HPL (5)-PX
Custom Paint - Gloss Red and Yellow Color Accents
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2018-01-31_Wall Unit_Umbra-PX
Umbra Thermal Fused Laminate - Shaker Fronts
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Sienna and Casting at First Light Thermal Fused Laminate - Frameless Glass Fronts
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Aesthetics and Style

Whatever your style, we can design a built-in cabinetry solution that elegantly blends with your home decor. Clean lines with flat fronts and accent colors for a contemporary look, decorative raised panel fronts with fluted and crown moldings for the traditional, and anything in between.

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2012-06-27_Wall Unit_Antique White (1)-PX
Custom Paint Antique White - Glazed Raised Panel Fronts
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2015-01-27_Wall Unit_Shadow Oak-PX
Toscana Thermal Fused Laminate
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2010-12-10_Media Center_Custom Stain Cherry (3)-PX
Custom Stain Cherry Wood - Applied Molding Fronts
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Wall-to-Wall Portfolio

Look through some our wall-to-wall cabinetry and storage solutions and see how we can bring your vision to life.

2014-01-23_Media Center_White-Custom Paint (3)-PX


Not sure what to do with that empty alcove space?  Make the most of this area with built-in custom cabinetry for an entertainment center, bar, curio cabinet, or even entry closet.  The perfect blend of style and function.


An alcove space designed just for you.

Entertainment cabinetry can incorporate full-motion TV mounts that can expand and swivel ensuring the TV can be viewed from any location in your room.

Bar solutions can include built-in wine and refrigerator storage with glassware on display behind lighted upper cabinets.

2018-03-09_Media Center_White-PX
Victorian White Thermal Fused Laminate - Recessed Panel Fronts
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2019-06-04_Bar_Tabu Veneer (4)-PX
Clear Coat Tabu Wood Veneer
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2013-03-13_Media Center_Shinnoki Midnight Ash (1)-PX
Mineral Triba Shinnoki Wood Veneer
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Aesthetics and Style

Tailor our design to your decor with one of our many beautiful finishes and large variety of decorative fronts and hardware.  Glass doors with accent lighting can highlight collectibles and bar glassware.  Use of radio frequency controls for media use allows components to be concealed behind doors.

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2014-01-27_Media Center_White-PX
White Velvet Thermal Fused Laminate - Raised Panel Fronts
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2019-06-04_Buffet_Shinnoki Stardust Walnut (3)-PX
Stardust Walnut Shinnoki Wood Veneer
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2017-02-07_External Wardrobe_Clear Coat Rift Sawn White Oak (4)-PX
Clear Coat Rift Sawn White Oak Wood - Shaker Fronts
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Alcoves Portfolio

Discover your possibilities: See some of the recent alcove spaces we've designed for our customers.







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