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Do more with every space in your home with custom organizational solutions designed for you. Think laundry rooms, craft and hobby spaces, bar and buffet niches.

Laundry room in white decorative fronts


Are your washer/dryer front or top loading, on pedestals or stacked?  Is a folding counter or hamper needed?  These are all factors that impact how you best utilize your laundry space. 

Functional Solutions

In addition to storage for all of your supplies, Valet laundry solutions often incorporate features such as hamper storage, folding counters, and a hanging rod for drip-dry garments.  We can also integrate sinks and ironing boards, commonly desired in laundry rooms.

Some customers even incorporate a washer and dryer in their master closet.

Walk-in closet with Laundry in Belgium Chocolate finish
Belgian Chocolate Thermal Fused Laminate - Recessed Panel Fronts
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Laundry cabinets in Dusk Frake Shinnoki Wood Veneer
Dusk Frake Shinnoki Wood Veneer
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Laundry cabinets in Vermont Maple
Vermont Maple Thermal Fused Laminate
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Aesthetics and Style

Choose from any of our more than 40 standard material finishes, a wide array of decorative door and drawer fronts, and over 200 high-pressure laminate counter-top choices to match your home decor.  You can also incorporate with our cabinetry a solid surface counter such as quartz or Corian provided by a stone fabricator.

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Laundry cabinets in ash tabac finish
Ash Tabac Thermal Fused Laminate
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Multiple laundry baskets to sort laundry
Ash Tabac Thermal Fused Laminate
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Laundry Portfolio

Browse some of the laundry solutions we’ve created for customers to get ideas for your own space.



Scrapbooking, jewelry making, sewing, gift wrapping—whatever your hobby or functional need, create a space that allows you to spend less time looking for what you need and more time doing what you love.


Whether it be your personal sewing room with built-in storage for fabric, thread, and machines; a wrapping station with space for paper, ribbons, and bows; or a play room for painting and more, our team will create a solution designed to your needs. 

Many craft room spaces are designed from the beginning with a multi-functional use in mind.

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2013-11-08_Crafts_White (2)-PX
White Velvet Thermal Fused Laminate - Beaded Shaker Fronts
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Victorian White Velvet Thermal Fused Laminate
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2003-05-13_Garage_Maple (3)
Vermont Maple Thermal Fused Laminate
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Aesthetics and Style

Whether you’re creating an entire craft room or want to devote part of an existing room to your hobby, we’ll match every solution to your desired aesthetic.

We are always following what’s new and hot so that we can provide you with the latest in materials and design trends.

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2014-12-04_Crafts-Sewing Cart_White Sculpted with Black and stop red HPL (2)-PX
Black and Red Thermal Fused Laminate - White Sculpted Fronts
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Crafts Portfolio

Browse some of our custom craft room solutions and then talk to our designers about your needs.

2019-06-04_Bar_Tabu Veneer (8)-PX


A kitchen banquette, built-in bar, library wall, window seat, entry alcove, or even a San Francisco studio; what is your Unique Space?  Bring us your challenge and we can design a spectacular solution that will be a focal point in your home.


Imagine every inch of your studio maximized and seamlessly blending together with a kitchenette, desk & dresser space, and even a wall bed.  Or, dream of that bar you have always wanted, complete with built-in refrigerator, roll-out trays for all of your cocktail makings, and decorative upper cabinets to show off your glassware.  Anything is possible! 

2017-04-17_Island_Mt. Hood Maple-PX
Mt. Hood Maple Wood Veneer
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2018-01-31_Wall Unit_Umbra-PX
Umbra Thermal Fused Laminate - Shaker Fronts
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2018-01-31_Nook_Hart Mt. Cherry-PX
Hart Mountain Cheery Wood - Raised Panel Fronts
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2019-06-04_Bar_Tabu Veneer (1)-CR-PX
Clear Coat Tabu Wood Veneer
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Aesthetics and Style

Utilizing such features as floating cabinets and shelves, bright color accents, lighting in our cabinetry together with accessorizing, can add a flare to any room and space.  Designing to perfectly fit your space with both function and style is our art.

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2016-12-22_Home Office_Ashen (2)-PX
Ashen Thermal Fused Laminate - Raised Panel Fronts
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2019-06-04_Buffet_Shinnoki Stardust Walnut (3)-PX
Stardust Walnut Shinnoki Wood Veneer
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2019-06-06_Floating Shelves_PX
Custom Stained Walnut Wood Veneer
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Unique Spaces Portfolio

Gather some great ideas looking at several unique spaces we have designed.


Home Office Media Center_Elm Onyx with Oak Wild and Silver Frost (3)-PX
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