Valet Utility

Maximizing often overlooked areas of your home—like pantries, hallways, entryways, and mudrooms—can have a major impact on increasing your home’s functionality and efficiency.

2017-01-06_Mud Room_Umbra-PX


De-clutter your home’s main thoroughfare and create a space to place and retrieve all of your grab and go items as you enter and leave.

Functional Solutions

Solutions can include a comfortable bench seat with shoe cubbies below, hooks for backpacks and hoodies, integrated closet for coats and shopping bags, and counter surfaces for your keys, phones, and even charging stations.

2019-06-04_External Wardrobe_Custom Stained Walnut (7)-PX-Cropped
Clear Coat Tabu Wood Veneer - Wardrobe Closed
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2019-06-04_External Wardrobe_Custom Stained Walnut (6)-CR-PX
Clear Coat Tabu Wood Veneer - Wardrobe Open
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2019-06-04_External Wardrobe_Custom Stained Walnut (3)-PX-Cropped
Clear Coat Tabu Veneer - Bench w/Shoe Storage
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2019-06-04_External Wardrobe_Custom Stained Walnut (9)-CR-PX
Clear Coat Tabu Veneer - Drop Storage and Charging Station
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Aesthetics and Style

We deliver durability with aesthetics and style that match the decor of your home. Ask your designer about our many beautiful and durable, thermal fused laminate finishes that are ideal for mudroom solutions.

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2018-08-08_Mudroom_White (2)-PX
White Velvet Thermal Fused Laminate - Beaded Shaker Fronts
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Mudroom Portfolio

View our mudroom work to see how you can better utilize the entry space in your home.

2004-01-07_Pantry_Antique White-PX


Never ask “where’s the garlic powder?” again. With a custom-designed pantry, you can regain control of one of the most frequently used areas of your home with a solution customized to your family’s food storage needs.

Functional Solutions

Dinner prep is less of a burden when everything is within easy reach. Give yourself the perfect combination of adjustable shelving, roll-out trays, baskets, and even broom hooks.  Every item will have its place.

Incorporate dedicated storage spaces for your cookie sheets, cutting boards, place mats, wine storage, and more. Our laminates are not only extremely durable, but also easily cleanable.

Rainier Thermal Fused Laminate
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Aesthetics and Style

Most walk-in pantries are accessed many times throughout the day and are a highly visible space in your kitchen, even though behind a door.  Smart design for a seamless transition into this space and finishes to complement your kitchen's decor can add a sense of style to go with your necessary storage.  

2019-06-04_Pantry_Tabu Veneer (1)-PX
Clear-Coat Tabu Wood Veneer - Pantry Closed
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2019-06-04_Pantry_Ultra Matte(1a)-PX
Ultra Matte White - Pantry Open
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Pantry Portfolio

View some of the custom pantries we’ve designed and let us know what elements you’d like to see in your project.

2019-06-04_Bench_Toscana (2)-CR-PX


Hall spaces and closets, including entry, linen, utility, and seating, can benefit greatly from an efficient layout and aesthetic design opening up a wealth of storage and display opportunities.


Maximize both the function and flexibility of your existing hall closet space with adjustable shelving for linens, shoes, hanging, and more.  Or, make the most of that empty wall or alcove space with custom cabinetry for china and collectibles display.

2008-10-02_Wall Unit_Summer Flame-PX
Summer Flame - Wall Unit
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Aesthetics and Style

Entry alcoves and upstairs landings are two hall spaces with high visibility.  With a custom designed cabinetry solution you can not only address your functional requirements such an entry wardrobe or seating, but also create design statement in your home.

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2019-06-04_Entry Wardrobe_Paint Grade (2)-PX
Custom Paint - Closed
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2019-06-04_Entry Wardrobe_Paint Grade (1)-PX
Custom Paint - Open
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Hall Portfolio

Spark your creativity: Look through some of the custom hall cabinetry and solutions we’ve built for our customers.







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