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Allison, S., San Jose, 4/17/2014

Posted by Cynthia Nijmeh on Apr 18, 2014 2:48:00 PM
Valet did a simply outstanding job on our garage cabinets!

First designer, Mark Olson, came to our home and took precise measurements then spoke to my husband and I about what we wanted. I'm sure it was a bit like family counseling for Mark Olson. He had to meet all our needs.

My husband needed extra wide cabinets for a telescope, tool drawers, a work surface, and special outlets for sprinkler and outdoor lighting controls. Our son needed a dedicated sports equipment cabinet. Our daughter needed a place for art supplies and crafts with pull out shelves. I required shallow cabinets for food stored and deep shelves for holiday decor and canning equipment. And we course we required storage for all the things one usually puts in a garage. Plus we wanted it to be beautiful so the room could be used as a bonus room for kids parties and playtime.  

Boy did Mark Olson and Valet Closets get it right. Our garage is the envy of everyone on the block. People have actually stopped by to say how much they admire it and ask who did it. It always looks so clean with everything in its proper place behind nice white cupboard doors. Valet even referred us to a crew who could epoxy the floor giving it a durable enhanced finish.

The quality of their product is outstanding, thick shelves I know will never bow under the weight of what we stack on them. The workmanship is impeccable, seamless joints. The installers were clearly well skilled and experienced. The entire operation from design though contract, scheduling, installation and payment was professional. My husband and I are meticulous people who demand prompt professional service. Valet did not disappoint.

The Valet cabinets in our garage add great value to our home. It was well worth the price to have Mark Olson design the perfect solution to our storage needs.

Thank you Valet!

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