Now is the perfect time for a Murphy Wall Bed by Valet!


Somehow it is already July. Before you know it, kids will be going back to school in the fall, and that means that the holidays are right around the corner. For many people, the holidays are a hectic time filled with plenty of house guests, and figuring out how to make everyone fit comfortably in your home may be a source of stress. Grandma is coming to visit, and that means that she needs to sleep in your bed because her old back can’t handle the futon you have reserved for guests, so YOU get the aching back. Or your guest room is also your home office, which you will need to use while your brother is visiting, and there is just no room to sit at your desk with the sofa bed pulled out and the cushions everywhere.

murphy bedsWhat you really need to help calm the holiday madness is an easy solution for your house guests that is comfortable, convenient and works for your home. Enter the Murphy Wall Bed by Valet! Now, this is not your grandmother’s wall bed, with creaky hinges and stinking like mothballs. A Murphy Wall Bed by Valet is custom designed to fit your room, your home, and your needs. All of our wall beds come standard with a Sommerset Comfort Care mattress from Restonic in either a Firm or Plush styles. This means that you will not be sacrificing comfort for convenience, so grandma won’t be complaining about her achy back! Also, our Murphy Wall Beds use a tested counterbalancing design which makes them easy and safe to open and close with even just one hand, even for grandma. We offer traditional vertical tilt Murphy beds, as well as side tilt wall beds, so we are able to make a wall bed fit perfectly in any space, which is great for being able to still utilize your home office while your brother is in town. We even offer wall beds with a built-in table, so your guests can easily wrap those last-minute gifts in their room with no one the wiser.

murphy bedsWe know that no one really wants to be thinking about the holidays just yet, but if house guests are a source of stress for you at that or any point of the year, now is the time to be thinking about adding a Murphy Wall Bed by Valet to your home. We can’t make your relatives less crazy, and we can’t help you cook all of the meals, but we can make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep, and that makes a world of difference.

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