5 Office Essentials for Your New Custom Home Office!


Telecommuting is very popular these days.  Have you thought about all the things that you need in that custom office space? Here are 5 office essentials that you can't overlook.

  1. Furniture is first. A desk, shelving, filing cabinets, bookshelves, and a chair are probably the biggest and most important features of any custom home office. Make sure that you get the proper size to fit your area, and that you have furniture customized to make your home office as comfortable and efficient as possible.  We offer an integrated solution and can give you a built in look.
  2. Next, consider your computer and all the gadgets that go with it. Do you use a laptop, desktop computer, or both? Don't forget the printer, surge protector, and cables to hook everything together.  We offer hidden chase ways and wire managers to keep all the cables out of sight.
  3. Other electronics are the next thing on your custom home office essentials list. A multi-line phone and an answering machine (or an answering service from your telephone provider) are top priority. Then, think about a copier, fax machine, and scanner, which may be separate pieces of equipment or may all be rolled into one machine.
  4. With the big parts of your customer home office taken care of, don't forget the smaller, but just as crucial, office supplies like paper, toner, ink, envelopes, pens, pencils, stamps, scissors, tape, correction fluid, sticky and legal pads, and a small selection of cleaning products.
  5. Last but not least, your custom home office's ambiance must be considered. Under cabinet lighting, standing lamps, plants, open windows for natural light, and art and photographs on the walls complete the space!

Our experienced designers can get you started on your custom home office.  Call Valet Custom Cabinets & Closets today. We can create the perfect home office for you, based on what you want and need. Contact us today to make your dream a reality at (408) 385-9849!

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