How to Give Your Garage a Makeover


Your garage can do so much more than serve as a place to park your car and store all your junk. A garage organizing system can transform your garage into a storage space for tools and seasonal necessities, or and a high-tech hangout with custom media centers. The sky’s the limit, whether you’ve envisioned a man cave, an auto shop, a wine cellar, or recreation room.

Prepare Your Space

First, figure out what you want your garage to do for you. “The No. 1 mistake people make is pulling everything out of the garage first and then getting overwhelmed when they try to cram it all back in,” according to this article from The Herald News. Once you have an idea of what your future garage will look like, then you can start cleaning. 

If you’re ready for a garage organizing system but you have a garage full of stuff, take it all out separating the contents of your garage into categories—what you’ll keep, what you’ll donate, what you’ll toss. Group like things together – sports equipment, home improvement items, holiday decorations, etc…

Get Organizing!

Your garage works best when it’s truly a unique space that fits your needs. Choosing to hire a company that specializes in garage organizing systems and custom cabinetry is the first step toward designing the ultimate garage.

At Valet Custom Cabinets and Closets, we do more than help you de-clutter your home. Our fully customizable garage organizing systems are designed with you in mind. Visit our website to see some functional and beautiful sample garage projects!

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