Tips & Tricks: Flexibility & Adjustability


At Valet Custom Cabinet & Closets we customize your closet space to maximize utility. Our talented designer, Karin Parodi, shows our select drilling techniques that provide flexibility and adjustability to your hanging space. With our professional custom designers from the San Francisco Bay Area, we can help you create your dream closet space. Our experienced designers aim to curate a space that fits your floor plan, lifestyle, budget, and your storage needs. Valet Custom Cabinets provides services for your bedroom closet, living room space, office, and garage. To get you started, contact us today to get a free consultation!

We're going to talk about flexibility and adjustability. So as you can see, this closet has holes that are all drilled in the side. They're not all the way to the bottom. This whole thing doesn't look like Swiss cheese, but we do want to give you enough holes that you can have some flexibility. So this rod is adjustable and these shelves are adjustable. Push the shelf up, pull out this little shelf pin, move them up and down wherever you want them. Replace the shelves. The shelves don't move. We've notched the underside of the shelf, so it Nestles around that shelf pin. It's a real safety feature. Um, so if we wanted to convert this entire hanging section into shelving, it's easy. Pull out the sh, pull out the hang rod. Hey Karen, I need a couple more shelves and you just plug them all in there.

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Karin Parodi

Karin joined Valet in 2010 and brings a unique combination of marketing and design experience to our team. Karin graduated from UCLA and enjoyed a successful career as a sales and marketing executive. She later earned an interior design degree to pursue her creative inclinations and passion for space planning. Karin has a special focus serving interior designers and custom home builders and their clients. Karin excels at listening to customers, understanding their needs and translating that into a beautiful and functional space. She grew up on the peninsula, loves to travel, ski and spend time with her husband and young adult children.


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