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Tips & Tricks: 3 Ways To Use A Belt Rack

Today we are going to be talking about 3 ways to use a belt rack to maximize space in your personalized closet. Our talented designer, Shari Krandel, shows us how she uses her belt rack to store camisole tank tops and cross...

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Tips & Tricks: Basket Utilization Tips

This video shows different tips and tricks to maximize closet space using baskets. Our talented designer, Shari Krandel, shows techniques on how to locate baskets for convenience. With our professional custom designers from...

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Tips & Tricks: Flexibility & Adjustability

At Valet Custom Cabinet & Closets we customize your closet space to maximize utility. Our talented designer, Karin Parodi, shows our select drilling techniques that provide flexibility and adjustability to your hanging...

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Tips & Tricks: Maxi Dress Hanging Hack

Hey ladies! We have tips on how to store your maxi dresses. Our talented designer, Shari Krandel, walks us through how to efficiently hang her maxi dresses with pant hangers to avoid wrinkling or touching the dresses to the...

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