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If the McCalmont's can have a green home, so can you!


In this article, Carol Blitzer describes how the McCalmont's are an extremely eco-friendly couple. The couple had bought their home in 2004 in Barron Park, but it wasn't in the best shape. After three years, they decided their home needed some significant changes!

Tom McCalmont stated, ""Everybody talks green, but few know what to do. We wanted to learn ourselves,". Tom does describe how it did take them significant time to find the "right contractor".

The couple made a decision to have only green products within their home.

For example, "One bedroom functions as a home office for both McCalmont's, since they work at home. Each has a fold-up desk, and a wall bed sits in the middle, courtesy of Valet Organizers. For privacy, they added a turn into the master bedroom suite, which features more exposed ceiling beams with redwood veneer. The well-organized closet, again by Valet Organizers, includes a built-in ironing board, a retractable rod for dry cleaning, built-in hamper and skylights."

As you can see Valet Custom Cabinets & Closets can be your way to a greener home! We have an assortment of products to help you confine space with products such as wall beds, fold-up desks and even built in ironing boards!  

Give us a call today if any of these ideas or products interests you at (408) 385-9849 or visit us at Valet Custom Cabinets and Closets!

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