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Eco-Friendly Custom Home Organization and Storage Solutions Are Energy Efficient and Cost Effective

Bay area residents appreciate the natural beauty, and eco-friendly building materials are another way to express appreciation for nature.
Image source: Flickr CC user InSapphoWeTrust  

As a long-time California...

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Domestic Transformer Turns Into 24 Different Rooms

Architect Gary Chang of Hong Kong creates a technological marvel. He demonstrates the green principal that even small spaces have huge possibilities. He transforms a tiny 300 sf space into 24 different rooms. One of them is...
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If the McCalmont's can have a green home, so can you!

In this article, Carol Blitzer describes how the McCalmont's are an extremely eco-friendly couple. The couple had bought their home in 2004 in Barron Park, but it wasn't in the best shape. After three years, they decided...

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