Tis the Season to Wrap Lots of Gifts!


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‘Tis the season to be jolly, but the one thing that doesn’t make me jolly is wrapping gifts, which I usually leave to almost the last minute; So this year I promised myself to not only get on top of it, but to do so in an eco-friendly way, rather than just generating piles of glittering trash. Let me tell you…I had to use great restraint from using our Campbell showroom gift-wrapping display!

After searching around for the best way to wrap my gifts in a way that gives back to the Earth, I found this article from way back in 2007, Top 10 Green Gift Wrap Ideas, at a very cool website, GAIAMlife.com, which is devoted to healthy living in general.

Our national farewell to the incandescent bulb — essentially the same device Edison patented in 1880 — is not coming with ease. An alternative to # 4’s suggestion, “Add a bulb instead of a bow - a compact fluorescent bulb”, is the newest LEDs, which are coming down in price as well as having the capacity to be dimmed.

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Happy Holidays!

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