Young Families in Orinda Go Clutter-Free for the New Year With Custom Children's Closets

Posted by Larry Fox on Jan 3, 2017 11:50:19 AM

In Orinda, family is the number one priority. We invest heavily in our schools, and recently supported their switch to solar power. We take the time to commute deep into Silicon Valley to support a lifestyle that gives our children the wonderful holidays they dream about. As the new year hits, we’re busy setting resolutions and moving forward with our lives, but Orinda families may be bringing more clutter into the new year than they would like. The holidays bring plenty of mess, from wrapping supplies and packaging to food waste and glittery or sugary kitchen floors—and Orinda families with children know what the real disorganization culprit is this time of year.

The holidays bring so much joy, but they also fill our homes with more toys than we (or our kids) know what to do with. Our homes become inundated with dolls, games, and about a million toy cars. It can be really difficult to move forward into the new year when you’re busy tripping over soccer balls and stuffed animals from last year. Orinda clients come to us this season begging for closet solutions for their children, and we’ve developed some key strategies to help tame the toy monster.

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Custom Closets Organize Your New Walnut Creek Condo Your Way

Posted by Larry Fox on Nov 29, 2016 2:12:43 PM


Walnut Creek is one of my favorite towns in the whole Bay Area. It’s a cool little arts hub, with a history of being quirky and dancing to its own beat. People there love their art, and they also love their wine. I love the galleries and restaurants that populate the downtown scene. You can go there and feel for a little bit like nothing has changed around the area.

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