Men, Here Are Four Organizing Ideas Just for You


Getting and staying organized is a skill all of us need. Men, every bit as much as women, have busy lives with a lot going on. Being organized saves time and reduces frustration, something we can all benefit from.

Walk-in closet with island and bench in Hudson finish

Men’s Clothes Closet Ideas

Even if you don’t have an executive walk-in closet, there are a few basic things you can do to get organized.

Folded clothing saves precious closet space. Sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, and jeans often store better when folded, as long as you know the right way to do it. (YouTube has some excellent tutorials on the ins and outs of folding clothing.) You can also consult with one of our designers to learn about all the functional accessories we offer to help!

Try different ways to organize your closet. You might want to sort by type (sports, work, formal or evening wear), by season, or by color. Or mix and match: try organizing by season then color. Experiment to see what works best for you.

Custom home office with decorative fronts

Tackle Your Home Office

Your home office is another place where a little organization can eliminate frustration. Even better: you can do this in small chunks, when you have the time. Start with a bulletin board, a single desk drawer or your desktop and work from there. Valet Custom offers a wide variety of functional tools and design elements that can make this easy.

● Ruthlessly purge paper.

● Create stations for things that require dedicated space like incoming mail or printing.

● Categorize and label everything so you can find it again easily.

● Have enough storage to stay organized.


Garage cabinets in Silver frost and blue acrylic fronts

Create a Garage That Works for You

Ready for a bigger challenge? Organizing the garage makes a great weekend project for the whole family.

● Dispose of anything that’s not safe or attracts pests including paint, propane, pet food and paper.

● Organize storage by areas: automotive supplies, sports equipment, garden tools, tools and project workbench and so forth.

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