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Entire Home Custom Solutions: Organizing Your World

With so much new construction going on in the Bay Area, more people are getting the that special opportunity of creating custom organization solutions throughout their home from the very beginning. Valet Custom Cabinets &...

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Avoid Mealtime Stress with Custom Pantry Upgrades for Your Campbell Home

I’ve found that Campbell is a town that takes its own time. So far, it’s avoided the explosive growth (and the explosive prices) faced by much of the Bay Area, although that’s not to say it isn’t growing: Older homes from...

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Food for Thought: A Custom Walk-In Pantry Helps Make Parties Perfect in Los Altos Hills

Like a lot of us, I love attending dinner parties with friends. Playing host can be fun as well, as long as things go smoothly, but I was recently reminded just how difficult hosting can be. I have a couple of dear friends...

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