How Much Will Your New Menlo Park Garage Remodel Cost?

Posted by Larry Fox on Dec 29, 2016 4:41:30 PM

Rainy season has officially come to the Bay Area. Powerful storms passing through the area have downed trees, caused power outages, whipped up strong winds, and pelted us with rain—and lots of it. Menlo Park alone has already received significant precipitation this year, which makes roads hazardous and can create nightmare-worthy driving.

Though you may have high hopes of getting yourself organized before the new year hits, it might be a good idea to hold off on any big projects that require the outdoors (unless you’re looking to fight our unpredictable weather). King tides are coming, and even though Menlo Park is protected by the Bay, we’re still in for quite a bit of flooding potential. Tackle your attic first, for instance, before you start moving your life’s collection of file folders and golf clubs out of the garage and into the path of the storm.

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A Custom-Designed Home Office In Menlo Park Helps Working Parents Get Advanced Degrees

Posted by Larry Fox on May 20, 2016 9:43:33 AM

The economy is different today. When I started working, a college degree was an entryway to a high-level career. Now, a college degree is less an entryway and more a welcome mat. This is especially true here in Silicon Valley. In some cities, like Menlo Park, a Master’s Degree is often the starting point if you want a leadership position in one of the area’s top tech companies. Nearly 70% of Menlo Park residents have at least a bachelor’s degree, making it one of the most educated cities in the country. It’s a race just to keep up.

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Make the Most of Your Menlo Park Redesign by Using Cabinetry to Combine Your Office and Guest Room

Posted by Larry Fox on Mar 29, 2016 2:15:35 PM
Whether remodeling your classic Menlo Park house or rebuilding on the lot, using custom designed space-saving techniques helps you maximize the room in your house without filling your entire lot.
Image: Flickr CC user Dawn Endico

Today Menlo Park is at the heart of a new California migration, both from inside the state and from outside. It attracts new people to the area all the time--people in tech, in equity, in finance, and in capital.

The problem that some of these transplants have is the housing market. With home prices so much higher than in other areas of the country, new residents often end up settling smaller lots with older homes and less square footage than their previous home. Then they have a choice: do a teardown and rebuild, or do a redesign. Many of these houses are smaller, and can’t fit modern needs. So in order to get the space modern buyers require, they are choosing either to build a new house or plan a significant remodel for what they have. With the average price for a home sale in Menlo Park at around 2.1 million dollars, the key is getting the most out of your land.

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