A Professional Home Office Helps Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of Livermore Startup Boom

Posted by Larry Fox on Oct 13, 2016 1:35:33 PM

If you’ve lived in the Bay Area as long as I have, you’ll notice certain patterns. Areas get tech-heavy, and then they get crowded. Talented workers start to move to other less expensive cities, and then commute to San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

But as more and more talented people move to these “auxiliary” cities, they grow to love them. They plant roots. Companies move to be near these workers, draw in more workers, and the city booms. That’s what is happening with Livermore right now, which has become a hotspot thanks to developments like the Livermore National Laboratory and the planned massive research/transit area.

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Installing a Custom Kid’s Workstation Can Help Pleasanton Students Succeed

Posted by Larry Fox on Oct 11, 2016 1:38:40 PM

Pleasanton is a young town brimming with freshly started families. Over a quarter of the population is under 18. What’s more, a lot of the kids in the neighborhood are just now entering the serious homework phase of school—and that means needing a workspace of their own.

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New Santa Clara Developments Highlight the Need For Custom Home Offices

Posted by Larry Fox on Oct 4, 2016 2:38:32 PM

I recently spoke to a friend in Santa Clara about all the changes the town has been through lately. To me, it’s pretty much unrecognizable from before the tech boom, but when I brought it up, he shot me down with one of those crook-eyed “You think it’s different now?” looks. The thing is, he’s right. He told me about some of the enormous new mixed-use developments that have been approved in the area, namely Santa Clara’s City Place and San Jose’s Diridon Station—and when I say enormous, I mean enormous.

They’re both 230 acres, millions of square feet. They’ll have room for thousands of jobs. There’s a catch, though: they’ll make traffic considerably worse.

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