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How to Create a Space to Enhance Productivity

Every day, businesses encourage their employees to be more efficient and productive. When working in an office or at home in the San Francisco Bay Area, the design of your workspace has a significant effect on productivity....

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Home Office & Media Center Combination Makes the Most of a Small Space

With so many of us spending hours every day in our home office – either as a home-based business or as a remote worker – having a functional space is important to productivity. As a designer for Valet Custom Cabinets &...

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Installing a Custom Kid’s Workstation Can Help Pleasanton Students Succeed

Pleasanton is a young town brimming with freshly started families. Over a quarter of the population is under 18. What’s more, a lot of the kids in the neighborhood are just now entering the serious homework phase of...

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The Open Floor Home Office: Creating a Custom Workspace in Your San Ramon Living Room

San Ramon is a very tech-friendly sort of town. I tend to notice giants like GE when I drive through, but there are also a lot of startups. This means many of my San Ramon clients are accustomed to modern work environments...

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Custom Cabinets Help Turn Your Spare San Mateo Room into a Nursery and Child’s Room

South of San Francisco, at the northern edge of Silicon Valley, San Mateo is perfectly placed to attract folks exhausted by a tight housing market (and I mean perfectly placed—it’s got a wonderful sunrise view of the Bay)....

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Creating a Custom Home Office When There's No Space in Your Mountain View Condo

Ah, to be young and live in Mountain View. Or to be in the prime of your career and live there—or to be retired there. Whatever your age, this Bay Area jewel is attracting lots of newcomers. It’s been fun to see the downtown...

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Create a Zen Workspace in Your San Jose Home through a Custom Office Design: Part 1

I like to start my mornings with a nice breakfast while I flip through the newspaper (call me old-fashioned). San Jose residents may find it a strange routine. If you’re part of the growing tech scene, your morning might go...

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San Ramon Students Benefit from Dedicated Study Space in Custom Workstations

When I work with clients in San Ramon, they often tell me how good the schools are. It’s the main reason many move there, and they’re right: the San Ramon high school district is one of the best in the state. It’s something...

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A Custom-Designed Home Office In Menlo Park Helps Working Parents Get Advanced Degrees

The economy is different today. When I started working, a college degree was an entryway to a high-level career. Now, a college degree is less an entryway and more a welcome mat. This is especially true here in Silicon...

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